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Pittsburgh Rent To Own Homes Pitsburgh

Don't Pay Another Cent in Rent!

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Pittsburgh area

"Rent To Own" Homes

Please Register As A Buyer To Qualify For Our
List Of "Rent To Own" Homes.

More than 35 homes are currently available.

Buyer Registration Form

A minimum downpayment of 3% will be required to buy one of our Rent To Own homes.

We understand that your credit may not be perfect. That's OK, and that's why we offer our Rent To Own program.

Our professional staffwill contact you to discuss your credit status and to see how you can qualify for our program.  If you do not qualify today they can help you to get there.

The more information that you provide, the better we will be able to serve you.

We will notify you by email when we have new properties available.

We typically do Rent To Own "closings" through a reputable title company.  You can be sure that your downpayment or option deposits are handled safely and professionally.

Our Rent To Own program is for TENANT-BUYERS. Please do not submit if you are only looking to RENT.

Privacy Policy: Your information will only be used in conjunction with our Rent To Own program. We hate SPAM too and will NEVER sell or provide your information to others.
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